Energy Efficiency – General

Energy Efficiency Saves You Money

Thermally Reinforced uPVC
At we encourage suppliers to use Thermally Reinforced uPVC in every one of our products. This is where the inner of the uPVC window has little pockets to trap air and reduce heat loss. By slowing down the airflow in each chamber, less air can escape and cold air cannot penetrate the window frame as easily.

By combining this high-tech uPVC with Planitherm glass, you can ensure your windows, doors and conservatories are as energy efficient as possible.

Planitherm Glass
Planitherm is low-emissivity glass, with a special advanced coating to minimise heat loss and maximise the amount of solar heat entering your home.

Free Solar Heat Gain
The advanced coating technology capitalises on the ‘free’ heat that natural daylight provides, letting as much as possible enter to help heat the home. Old double glazing wasn’t as technologically advanced as todays’ resulting in very poor levels of energy efficiency.

Thermal Insulation
The glass is designed to reflect heat back into your rooms, meaning less energy is needed to heat your home as less warmth is lost through your windows.

Optimal Energy Ratings
Our partners offer the highest possible ‘A+ energy rated glazing.

Haze & Tint Free Windows
The high tech glass maximises the amount of natural light that enters your home, without the haze or tint effects associated with some older double glazed windows.

Eliminate Condensation
A+ rated glass virtually eliminates internal condensation and reduces draughts and cold spots in and around windows.