Security – Conservatories

Security is an important issue that all of us need to take seriously. We have all known someone who’s property was broken into and their possessions lost to a burglar or opportunist their.SECURITY window

All of Dalmatian’s windows, doors and conservatories are designed and manufactured here with that in mind. Our Team of designers are highly skilled and as we are part of the Secure by Design initiative, we have taken guidance through the design process and cannot emphasise enough that the security and safety of you and your home is of paramount important to us.

It’s not just good quality locks that will keep your windows and doors protected in a conservatory; locks and bolts are only as strong as the glass and frame they are fitted to.

All of Dalmatian’s conservatories are classed under the Police approved ‘Secured by Design’ scheme. This means that they have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the security they offer is as good as possible.