Benefits of Double Glazing

The Benefits of Double Glazing
Single glazed windows provide incredibly poor insulation, letting heat escape and cold temperatures in too easily. Double glazing consists of two panels of glass sandwiched around a centre of Argon gas that acts as a superb insulator against heat and noise. There are many more reasons to select double glazing, here are just a few which our experience has taught us are the most important:

Save Money on Your Heating Bills

Experts estimate that between 18-26% of heat in a typical uninsulated house escapes through the windows. By installing Dalmatian Window’s double glazing you can easily reduce this, and consequently reduce the amount of money spent on heating your home.

Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Home
As well as the insulation of your home, double glazed windows can significantly reduce noise levels by lowering the amount of external noise that reaches into your rooms.

Extra Home Security

Many new window systems that enjpoy the benefits of double glazing, incorporate very secure window locking systems, helping you easily increase the security of your home. Dalmatian Windows only use the very latest technology and innovative locking mechanisms in our double glazed windows.

Reduce your carbon footprint
If your home is better insulated, you will use less energy to heat your rooms, which means your home will create fewer CO2 emissions. Dalmatian windows double glazing will afford you this benefit.

Reduce damp and condensation
Double glazing helps to reduce damp in your home by reducing internal condensation.

Very Low Maintenance
New uPVC double glazed frames require very little maintenance. They do not discolour or require painting, and look like new for years after installation.

Huge range of styles

uPVC double glazed windows are available in styles and colours to suit every style of home – whether modern or traditional.

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