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Home Security – Double Glazing
Unsecured windows are an obviously popular point of entry for burglars, either by breaking glass which is profoundly more difficult with our double glazing, or levering locks. Dalmatian customers can take solace in the fact that every one of our double glazed windows has passed the fully accredited ACPOS (Association of Chief Police Officers) – “Secured by Design” test.secured-by-design symbol

This Police approved “Secured by Design” test. includes:

  • Replicating forced entry using a tool at the locks and fittings
  • A ‘burglar’s tool kit’ is used by a professional expert to try and force entry in under three minutes
  • An attempt is made to remove the glass
  • A mechanical loading test is carried out

Only the windows that pass all of these tests can carry the ‘Secured by Design’ logo that we are proud to display on our products.