Vertical Slider Windows

Double Glazed Vertical Slider Windows
Double Glazed Vertical Slider Windows have a traditional style, with the elegance of the original timber case and sash windows. Not only do they provide more warmth, security and energy efficiency than original sash windows, they benefit from modern opening mechanisms instead of traditional weights and ropes, which often became stuck or seemed to be catching.girl sat by a window that is double glazed

  • Modern engineering has allowed pre-tensioned springs to be used in Vertical Slider Windows instead of the unreliable lead weights and ropes that were used on timber sash and case style windows.
  • Dalmatian is proud to be one of the very few companies able to offer ‘A’ rated, energy efficient, PVCu vertical sliding windows. Make your home more energy efficient without compromising on style.
  • Our sash window ranges have multi-tilt openings for complete ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Vertical Slider windows have the latest high security locking systems to protect your home and family, while maintaining the traditional look of your home.