Office space in a home is important, but you can also use your home office for multi-functional purposes if you have limited space. Space in a home comes at a premium. Every square foot of usable space tends to be eaten up for family use; still, many people like having a guest bedroom for family and friends when they visit for the holidays or quick weekend retreats. There are some clever, space-friendly ways to create a guest bedroom while having a functional home office.

Computer Hutch

Instead of having a large computer desk, buy a hutch that would typically be used as an extra closet space entertainment center. Installing sliding drawer mounts on the side of a piece of plywood and mounting it to the bottom shelf will give you a perfect place to rest the keyboard and mouse. Drill a hole in the back corner of the shelf for the computer wires to feed through. When the computer is not in use, push the keyboard into the hutch and close the hutch doors. It now becomes an attractive piece of furniture and gives you enough room to put a small bed in the room.

Closet Solutions

Closets are another great place to have a home office station. First, Mount 1×4 boards to the sides and back of the closet and screw them to the wall at approximately 30 inches tall. Then add a pre-glued piece of pine or popular and place it on the 1×4 boards. Next, mount a piece of plywood with drawer slides on the bottom of the countertop for your keyboard, and you have a desk. Finally, drill a hole for the computer wires in the back of the countertop.

Wireless Components

Setting up your home office with wireless components that run off Bluetooth or a wireless router will give you the ability to place all-in-one printer/fax machines in your compact home office and work these components from anywhere in your home via a laptop. This is also good for when you have guests as you can still perform your office work without going into your office.

Packaging Supplies

If your business involves selling physical items, you will need a stock of packaging supplies. You will also need plenty of bubble wrap, tape, envelopes, boxes, etc., depending on what you are sending. You do not want to be running out every few days, so make sure your home office has storage space for your packing supplies.


While a closet is a great place for a home office desk, it is also a great place for a hide-a-bed. These are beds that fold in and out of a closet when the doors are opened. Closing the doors conceals the bed and keeps the bed out of the way when not in use. You can see some on this bed site. This is an excellent solution for those who like desk counter space and do not want to contend with a bed all the time. In addition, a hide-a-way bed gives new meaning to the term out of sight, out of mind. These Multi-functional office tips are great for saving space and while keeping your home office functional. There are many storage solutions available through furniture manufacturers to incorporate into your design for a truly elegant look.