Do you love to host family and friends for summer barbecue parties and want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests?

Do you hate how your door wildly swings open and bang as it’s closed?

Or do you enjoy the freshness of the evening breeze as it gently floats into your living room?

Bi-Fold Doors may be the ideal solution!  Our double glazed Bi-­fold doors are easy to ­use, elegant, and perfect for creating a household that blends the warmth of a home with the openness and freshness of the evening breeze.

What are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-Fold doors are folding doors connected by hinge joints that allows for multiple doors to fold up on top of each another, sliding effortlessly back to reveal a large, unobstructed opening, they help create a beautiful, bright, warm living space, bringing the outside in– whatever the weather.

Bi-Fold doors do this as they are specifically designed for space saving and you may have already seen them in operation on a friend or family members conservatory.

Bi-­Fold Door Installers You Can Trust

At Dalmatian Windows, we professionally install double glazed Bi­-Folding Doors are a popular choice for both. They open up in seconds, creating an open atmosphere perfect for a variety of needs.

Our artisan colour options offer you maximum flexibility to personalise windows, bi-fold doors and conservatories to your own personal taste and enhance the style of your home.  For more information about the choices available to you, please get in touch with out friendly staff and we will be only too happy to discuss our range of products and answer any questions that you may have, even if your questions are about products or services not related to Double glazed Bi-fold doors.