Some things are hard to pass by – two for one on ice cream multipacks, small dogs that really want their ears scratched, and – if you’re a burglar – some of the following common mistakes are really hard to let go without a closer look. Here’s what draws the eye of the average thief…

1. Unlocked doors and windows

Nipped off to the shops for five minutes? Warm sun beating through the living room window? Decided to leave it open a little crack, since you’ll only be gone five minutes? Probably better not to – burglars see this as a welcome invitation!

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2. Visible keys

These days, it’s not as simple as leaving a spare key under the plant pot. Burglars are sharp enough to take a look around all the obvious places. If you need to keep a spare key nearby, you’re safer to leave it with a neighbour or a friend.

key visible in security hole
Visible keys

It’s not enough to make sure you haven’t left your keys outside, either. You should also make sure to keep your window keys securely away from view.

3. Signs you’re not home

Heading away on holiday? Any newspaper subscriptions or milk orders piling up are a sure-fire sign that nobody’s home, so be sure to put them on hold.

Likewise, when the lights are off, nobody’s home. A set of light timers can give the impression of an active house every evening.

4. Easy pickings

There’s nothing a burglar likes better than an easy target. Student houses are usually empty over the holidays, and elderly people can often be vulnerable. In circumstances like these, it pays to have properly secure locks and alarms in the home. Take a look at our new secure doors, perfect for the security conscious home-owner:

It’s not just the indoor stuff that thieves are after, either. Leaving your gardening tools around is a really easy way to find yourself in need of some replacement gardening tools, since they’re so easy to snatch, make off with and sell on. Keep them locked up!

5. Hiding places

Burglars like a good spot they can hide in while they take a proper look for valuables. Any obstructions, such as pot plants or statues, set neatly in front of your ground floor windows, can do a lot to stop any loitering. It always helps to have your house well-lit, which a motion-activated light can ensure without wasting money and energy leaving lights on all night.

Security Flood Light Attached to brick wall

So keep your house well-lit, your doors and windows locked securely, and don’t leave anything lying about (including keys), and your house shouldn’t provide any kind of temptation for passing opportunists. If you are concerned about the security of your doors and windows, Dalmatian can help. Book a visit today: